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Gerador portátil refrigerado a água Perkins 120kw 150kVA gerador de energia trifásico

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generators on trailers

Gerador portátil refrigerado a água Perkins 120kw 150kVA gerador de energia trifásico

Gerador refrigerado a água Perkins 120kw 150kVA alimentado por Perkins
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120kw 150kVA Silent Perkins Engine Portable Diesel Genset With CE Approval

Perkins Engine

The Perkins 404 range of electric power (EP) engines is the largest, most refined member of the 400 Series. The 4 cylinder, 2.2 litre 404 offers improvements such as reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Offering the same customer benefits as the wider 400 family. such as reliability, cold-start capability, low operating costs, excellent fuel economy and compact, clever design the 404 makes a smart choice for customers in the generator set market across unregulated and EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier4 interim territories.

Engine Specifications:

Engine spec

Engine Model 1106A-70TAG2
Number of Cylinders 6 in-line
Cycle 4 stroke
Aspiration Turbocharged after cooled
Bore×Stroke 105x135mm
Displacement 7.01L
Compression ratio 16:1
Prime Power/Speed 120KW / 1500rpm
Standby Power/Speed 132KW / 1500rpm
Speed Governor Mechanical
Cooling System Forced water cooling cycle
Steady speed droop ≤1%
Total lubrication system capacity 16.5L
Coolant capacity (engine only) 21L
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load 212g/kwh
Starter Motor DC24V
Alternator DC24V
Alternator spec

Stamford Alternator Model UCI 274F
Prime power 150KVA
Frequency/speed 50HZ/1500rpm
Exciter type Brushless
Power factor 0.8
Voltage adjust range ≥5%
Voltage regulation NL-FL ≤±1%
Insulation Grade H
Protection Grade IP23
Phase Three phases
Control panel spec

Model DeepSea/SmartGen/ComAp

The control module gives digital readouts of:

Generator voltage;

Output frequency;

Engine speed;

Battery voltage;

Engine hours run.

The control module has indicators for failure



Emergency stop

Low oil pressure;

High water temperature

Failure to start

Battery charger failure

Automatic shutdown occurs under:

Low engine oil pressure;

High engine water temperature;


Failure to start after three attempts.


DSE6120, DSE7320, DSE8610, DSE8810


HGM6110N, HGM6120N, HGM9510



Product Details

The 404 range of engines give 20-40 kVA generator output, along with the extra refinement and noise reduction that 4 cylinder engines provide. Its power density, durability, fuel efficiency and quiet operation set it apart from similar sized competitors' engines. The 404 range's quiet operation makes it an excellent option where noise is a concern, particularly if you're operating in urban areas.

Air inlet system

  • Mounted air filter

Control system

  • 12 volt Electronic Shut Off Solenoid (ESOS) energised to run

  • 12 volt starter motor and 12 volt 65 amp alternator with DC output

  • Glow plug cold start aid and heater/starter switch

  • Oil pressure and coolant temperature switches

Cooling system

  • Thermostatically controlled system with belt driven coolant pump and pusher fan

  • Mounted radiator, piping and guards

Flywheel and flywheel housing

  • High inertia flywheel to SAE J620 size 7½ heavy

  • Flywheel housing SAE 4 long

Fuel system

  • Electronically governed cassette type fuel injection pump

  • Split element fuel filter


  • Front and rear engine mounting bracket

Oil system

  • Wet steel sump with filler and dipstick

  • Spin-on full flow lubricating oil filter


1. What is your warranty period?

A: Our warranty period is 1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first (Except the damageable spare parts of genset caused by incorrect man-made operation).

2. Seu gerador tem garantia global?

R: Sim. Grupos geradores movidos por motores famosos dos EUA, com motores famosos do Reino Unido, Volvo, Iveco têm o serviço de garantia global. E os alternadores Stamford, Leroysomer, Meccalte, Marathon também contam com o serviço de garantia global.

3. Quais são as suas condições de pagamento?

A: T/T 30% de pagamento antecipado, o saldo de 70% deve ser pago antes do embarque, L/C à vista.

4. Os geradores podem ser customizados?

R: Sim. Nossos geradores podem ser personalizados dependendo dos requisitos detalhados do cliente. Nós podemos fornecer geradores para negócios de aluguel, uso doméstico, projetos industriais, projetos militares, usinas elétricas, etc. Os geradores que fornecemos são adequados para uso interno e externo, ambiente de baixa e alta temperatura.

5. Você pode usar nosso logotipo?

R: Sim. Para pedidos em massa, podemos usar o logotipo do cliente em vez do nosso.

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